Independent and Waste Coal Electric Power Producer Services

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Since 1990, Miltech has offered fuels and ash disposal engineering and environmental permitting services to the Independent and Waste Coal Electric Power producers. The smaller operators (around 100MW and less) sometimes self-operate and optimize their fuel supply and ash disposal operations by minimizing staff and outsourcing their engineering, site development, permitting, permit compliance and sometimes the day-to-day management of the operation to companies such as Miltech. The larger operators (around 500 MW) typically outsource their entire operation to a third party fuel supplier and ash disposal operators but consult with Miltech in the optimization of their operations.

As such, Miltech offers the following services:

  • Fuel Reserve Assessments (Volume, Tonnage and Quality)
  • Mine and Ash Disposal Planning (Fuel Removal vs. Ash Deposition Phases)
  • PA and WV Surface Mining Permits
  • PA and WV Beneficial Use Permits
  • NPDES Permits
  • Air Quality Permits
  • PA and WV Permit Modifications and Bonding Increments
  • Highway Occupancy Permits
  • Site Development Plans
  • Construction Management
  • Operations Assessments and Optimizations
  • Operations Management Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Fuel and Limestone Sorbent Sourcing
  • MSHA Permits