Coal Fired Plant Engineering
Project Management and Stockpile Inventory

Coal Stockpile Inventory

Our power services include engineering and project management support for small to medium sized projects along with coal stockpile inventory assessment.

Miltech routinely works with utility project managers through the development and planning phases of all types of small to medium sized engineering projects. Some examples include SNCR design and project and construction management, Trona Injection System testing and project management, small building improvement projects, site remediation projects, underground ash injection, process system optimizations, etc.

In addition, for the past 19 years Miltech has provided fuel exploration services to the power industry. This Miltech work has confirmed the quantity and quality of over 400 million tons through drilling and bulk sampling, surveys, mapping and laboratory analyses.

Nuclear Gauge

Miltech Energy Services, Inc. (MES), in cooperation with its affiliate, Miltech Analytical Services, Inc. (MAS), has expanded this exploration capability to provide complete ASTM compliant stockpile inventory services including:

  • GPS and Aerial Surveying Mapping
  • Drilling and Sampling Continuous Auger Sampling
  • California Split Spoon
  • Large and Small Auger Procedures
  • Nuclear Density Testing
  • On-Site and Laboratory Density Calibration
  • Laboratory Analyses
  • Location of Stockpile Base
  • Volume and Tonnage
Coal Utility